If your work life is based in manufacturing and production then you will already know the importance of reliable and hard working equipment that won’t let you down. We specialise in the best and toughest balance and manipulator machinery, including pallet turners, that have been designed for a specific purpose and are capable of handling a range of different size, shape and weight of products.

A pallet turner machine is an impressive but simple piece of equipment that takes the hard work and risk out of everyday lifting and moving. The item that you wish to tilt can be transported to the main platform by either a hand pallet or forklift truck, ensuring no personal injury or damage to the products in question are possible. Once on the platform, the machinery gentle tilts the contents until it is in the desired position safe and sound.

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Our EASY-TIPPER pallet turner model is one of our most popular items and is simple and easy to install yourself. It comes with two ramps and has optional safety features such as fencing and safety curtains if required. It also comes with a hold-to-run feature to ensure instant cut off of movement if required. The height of this pallet turner model is 1340mm and it includes a CE declaration for peace of mind. It can also be integrated into a larger transport system if required, or can operate as a standalone model.


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Pallet turners are an essential piece of kit and are so simple they make light work of the most awkward objects, allowing you to operate a safe workplace without slowing down production time. We also offer a full range of handling equipment and other pallet turner machine options, so if you don’t see what you need at first, just give us a ring.

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