Plates & Panels

We have standard lifting aids for metal products that answer common handling issues. We are happy to inform you about the best solution for your problem. Curious about how the lifting of metal products works? Schedule a free and no-obligation demo with us.
Platen en panelen handling
Plates & Panels Handling
  • Lifting weight up to 400 kg
  • Dimensions up to 3×6 meters
  • Easily lift plates and panels with vacuum or by means of clamping
  • Metal plates, diamond plates, glass plates
  • Sandwich panels, solar panels, wooden panels
  • Tilt 90 degrees or 180 degrees while lifting
Plates & Panels Lifting aid
  • A lifting aid with column and folding arms has a working area of ​​up to ∅ 8 meters.
  • A lifting aid with rail system can handle a greater range, for example 10×20 meters.
  • Many safety features make the system extremely reliable.
  • The handling systems operate at 6 bar air pressure – no electricity required.
  • Stepless lifting and lowering speed.
  • No need to set counter ballast weights.
  • Due to the design, maintenance is very low and simple.
  • All appliances are supplied with a CE declaration.
Platen en panelen tilhulp
Standard and Customer specific manipulator
We have standard lifting aids for plates and panels that answer common plate handling issues. Is a standard device not sufficient?

Then our experienced engineers can translate your wishes into a customer specific lifting solution.
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During this demo we take you into the world of lifting aids and the role of Roosen BPL in this market. We will delve deeper into your lifting issue and show what our lifting aids can do for your organization based on a preview and previously addressed issues.
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