The pneumatic EASY-UP is an ergonomic balancer equipped with a user-friendly one-hand operation and a safety hook for load pick-up, making this lifting aid multifunctional.
Why the easy-up?
Advantages of this EASY-UP compared to a column slewing or overhead crane:

  • High lifting and lowering speed
  • Retractable arms for easy and light movement
  • Simple positioning
  • Parking brakes on the pivot points
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Easy to assemble yourself
  • Delivery including mounting materials
Why a lifting aid?

work more safely

work more efficiently

More job satisfaction

Column placement
To be fixed with chemical anchors on a non-cracked concrete floor with a minimum thickness of 150 mm. In case of a thinner concrete floor, the column can be mounted on a steel intermediate plate (optional).
The EASY-UP can (optionally) be executed on a steel forklift base, 1500x1500x50 mm. This makes the device easy to move. Total mass including forklift base approx. 1100 kg
Steel cable
The steel cable must be replaced at a maximum of 50,000 lifting cycles or at least once a year.

In addition to the EASY-UP, we also offer standard solutions for, among other things, roll, axle and plate handling. Roosen BPL is a specialist in customer-specific lifting aids. We are happy to solve your handling issue!


Technical specifications
Lifting capacity
max. 125 kg
Radius range
min. 500 mm, max. 2800 mm
Height of the appliance
2950 mm
Installation height
min. 3000 mm
Compressed air supply
min. 6 bar - clean and dry compressed air
Air consumption
ca. 50 Nl/cycle
Including CE declaration
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