Certification & Inspection


According to the rules for Work Equipment Safety, every employer is legally obliged to periodically inspect its work aids, which may be subject to wear during use, which could affect safety. When used during an 8-hour working day, the interval is at least annually or shorter if the manufacturer prescribes it. These inspections must be carried out professionally and adequately by an expert.

Annual Inspection Report

As the inventor and producer of balancers / lifting aids, we are by definition the party to take care of these inspections for you. One of our own skilled service technicians (with a certificate of expertise) inspects your balancer (s) on appointment, after which you receive a specific report.

The inspection means that a balancer is checked on multiple aspects (such as bolt attachments, steering, safety settings, etc.). In addition, preventive replacements are carried out according to regulations (such as the lifting cable). As a user, you benefit from retaining optimal usability of the balancer and a longer product life.

Upon approval, you will receive a corresponding statement from us and we will provide the balancer with an inspection sticker. This shows the next required inspection date. A conclusion with any recommendations in the field of maintenance rounds off the whole.

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Maintenance & Inspection

The manual of the balancer describes which maintenance and which checks must be carried out periodically for the proper functioning and long-term availability.

Our qualified service technicians are happy to do this for you. Inquire without obligation about the possibilities.

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We can also easily carry out repairs or adjustments for you.

Spare Parts

Do you need spare parts for your balancer?

Our service department is happy to assist you.

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Renting a BPL balancer

ROOSEN BPL has various balancers, which can be used for rental or bridging up to the delivery of a purchasing device.

Ask directly about the possibilities or visit our showroom in Haelen, the Netherlands.

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Service contract

For the long-term operation of your balancer, we recommend regular maintenance / inspection by our qualified service technicians.

When you conclude a service contract for your balancer(s), we will contact you periodically and in time for a service visit. In this way your equipment is always certified and in top condition.

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities for a service contract.

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