One of the perils of the industrial workplace is the issue of transporting large and often unwieldy items quickly and safely. While it might be tempting to do this manually if possible, this should be avoided at all costs as it could lead to severe injury and could even damage the item(s) you are trying to move. Specialist equipment exists for a reason and our pallet rotator range has been designed to help you tackle that exact issue. Pallet rotators, like the items they can move, come in many shapes and sizes. They offer the ability to safely place pallet loaded items onto the equipment and gently tip or move it to its desired position.

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A pallet rotator machine can work safely in conjunction with a fork lift truck for moving items or even a hand pallet, for maximum ease of use. These are extremely easy to operate and offer a ‘hold-to-run’ safety mechanism. We will include two ramps when delivering the equipment to your business and with the easy self install system you will be up and running with your new rotator in no time at all.


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If you require extra safety features on your pallet rotator then we will be happy to provide that for you in the form of optional extra fencing and/or safety curtains. One of our most popular models of pallet rotators is the EASY TIPPER, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg and offers a ninety degree tilt angle. We also offer a number of other customer specific aids to suit all individual needs and circumstances.

You can find out more information about our pallet rotator machine on our website, or you can just give us a call to discuss all your options and the best solutions for your specific business.

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