If you are in the market for a pallet inverter machine then you won’t find a larger selection or more professional choice of options than here at L&M Imaging. We take enormous pride in our range of pallet inverter equipment and are experts in the field of handling systems, providing solutions to some of the biggest names in the industry today. Our reputation has come through hard work, dedication and extreme professionalism as we dedicate ourselves to providing the very best solutions for the industrial manufacturing sector.

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One such model that is a popular choice with many of our clients is the EASY-TIPPER and the name is really the perfect description for its use. With this pallet inverter you won’t have to struggle anymore with large pallet based items, as the tipping and tilting of them becomes a simple and straightforward process. Attempting to move such items manually will no doubt lead to personal injury as well as possible damage to the items you wish to transport, proving a huge risk in the workplace. With our pallet inverters however, the process becomes one that is performed safely, smoothly and efficiently.


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With our pallet inverter machine you are easily able to tilt large and unwieldy items up to ninety degrees in one secure motion. This can be used for any items such as rolls or other goods and can be loaded and unloaded with the use of a forklift truck or even a hand pallet. The whole system is extremely easy to use and even easier to install, in fact you can do it yourself, saving both time and installation costs. If required, we offer a range of optional extras for pallet inverters including various additional safety equipment. We are always on hand to offer advice so please just contact us!

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