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Why a demo?
During this demo we take you into the world of lifting aids and the role of Roosen BPL in this market. We will take a closer look at your lifting issue and show what our lifting aids can do for your organization based on a preview and previously addressed issues.
What will happen?
After you have reserved a time for the free online demo, we will send you a digital link to our appointment. During the demo we will discuss a number of important themes, but of course there is plenty of room for your issue. So do not hesitate to submit your questions to our specialist. In any case, the following topics are covered:

  • Background & reason
  • Your wishes & needs
  • Solution directions
  • Demonstration of different solutions
Prefer direct contact?
Of course you can also contact us directly. We are happy to assist you. You will be in direct contact with our product specialist.

Roosen BPL has been developing and manufacturing high-quality handling systems for more than 30 years.
Jos Horsch