Have you ever considered purchasing a tilter machine for your business, are you even one hundred percent sure what a tilter is? No problem, we are experts in our field and specialise in exactly the kind of equipment that will enhance your business and speed up productivity. Tilters are extremely impressive pieces of equipment that not only enable your workforce to move large and awkward items with ease but it will prove an enormous boost to health and safety levels in your business.

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Here are L&M Imaging, we have teamed up with Roosen BPL to offer you an unrivalled choice of tilter equipment for every size, shape and weight of item that you can imagine. We supply some of the biggest names in the industry with tilter solutions, so you can rest assured that when you come to us for machinery, we know our stuff inside out. As well as stocking a range of tilter machine systems for instant purchase, we know that some of our clients will have more unique needs and so we also offer a fully customised option as well. Just give our team of experts a call and they can discuss all your needs with you, finding out your exact requirements and making sure that we provide the perfect solution for your business.


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Tilters come in many forms and we are proud to say we are able to offer them all to you, Our machinery comes in options that are flexible, rigid, standing or hanging, we even offer full rail systems or mobile versions, to match your needs to perfection. If you’d like more information on this please call us today or visit our website to see more of our items and view our selection of videos to allow you to see the machinery in action.

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