Working in the manufacturing industry can encompass a whole host of different requirements both from a production and safety point of view. The majority of removal, disposal and movement on a production line involves the use of products that are large, often awkward and sometimes extremely heavy, requiring some serious machinery to keep things running on a day to day basis. One such item in our range is the roll manipulator, a popular choice for the safe movement, tilting and lifting of rolls up to 300kg or 500kg, depending on the version you require.

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Our EASY-ROLL roll manipulators allow single person production in a defined area that can take the hard work out of lifting and carrying items with a radius of up to 3000mm. There are a number of different options available depending on your exact requirements, so it’s always best to give us a call to discuss your exact needs and we can make sure you are purchasing the very best option for your company.

We pride ourselves on being innovators in our field and encompass the latest technologies in all our roll manipulator machine options. Our team of experts keep up to date with all new innovations in todays market and make sure that our range of professional equipment is kept updated and the very best it can be. Our EASY-ROLL roll manipulator is a product completely unique to us, as it’s construction works without ballast weights, unlike other roll manipulators.


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We also offer a complete range of roll manipulator machine solutions, including plate, shaft and palette handling. If your business requires something a little more specialised, then we can arrange that for you too with our fully customisable one on one service. For further information about our range of roll manipulators, just visit our website today!

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