If you’re looking for sheet metal handling equipment for your business then we can help you. L&M Imaging are experts in the field of industrial handling machinery for the manufacturing industry and we specialise in the exact solutions you’re looking for. We have an enormous range of sheet metal handling machinery on our website, each offering unique characteristics that can be matched to your physical location or individual needs. One of the most popular items we offer is the EASY-SHEET ergonomic balancer.

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The EASY-SHEET name really says it all as this particular sheet metal handling system makes light work of handling large, heavy and awkward plates. It operates via a vacuum load holder on the lifting aid, ensuring secure and safe movement. The system is so straightforward you can install it yourself, allowing you to be up and running with it in no time at all. Unlike some other options it features a low noise operation, so ear protection is not necessary. The sheet metal handling equipment has high lifting and lowering speeds as well as parking brakes on the pivot points.


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There are two different ways in which the sheet metal handling system can be used and either work equally well. Firstly you have the option of mounting the machinery onto a steel plate, this makes the entire system mobile via the use of a forklift truck. Secondly, the sheet metal handling machinery can be fitted securely to a concrete floor, giving a more permanent and fully static option. We also offer a range of optional extras to extend the system further, including suction cups for tear plates, articulated arms and a ninety degree tilting module.

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