At L&M Imaging we offer a range of sheet handling equipment for professional industries to enhance and boost their productivity. Making the switch to a choice of pneumatic, hard working machinery will take the strain out of everyday manual handling, improving production times and providing a much safer environment for employees. Sheet handling doesn’t have to be a problem, in fact with our EASY-SHEET ergonomic balancer, it transforms the process into something easy and straightforward.

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Our EASY-SHEET sheet handling system features a low noise level, allowing a more comfortable working environment. It can be easily installed yourself so there are no additional costs or time delays to worry about – you simply purchase, install and use. Our quick and convenient delivery system also includes all mounting materials for you. The system can be secured directly to the floor for a static system, or alternatively can be attached to a steel plate so it can be moved around when required.


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The sheet handling products in our range are only made of the toughest materials that will withstand wear and tear in the harshest workplaces. The cable is formed from steel and can handle 50,000 lift cycles before needing to be replaced, an extremely cost efficient option for any company. The EASY-SHEET sheet handling equipment also has a range of optional extras including articulated arms, a ninety degree tilting module and suction cups for tear plates.

It isn’t worth risking the damage to people or products in your workplace, so why not take a look at our sheet handling system range online today. You’ll soon see the benefits this could bring to your business and we can have you up and running in no time at all. If you’d like anymore information on any of our product ranges just call us today.

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