If you’re looking to purchase high quality professional shaft handling equipment for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Shaft handling is a highly technical procedure that requires precision equipment to ensure the movement of items are carried out safely and without interruption. Here at L&M Imaging, we offer a huge range of items for the manufacturing sector, including our fully pneumatic EASY-SHAFT. This is an extremely impressive piece of kit that can be easily installed yourself as soon as you receive it. The EASY-SHAFT is mounted with chemical anchors into a non-cracked concrete floor, or can be mounted on a steel plate for ease of movement.

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This shaft handling system has a completely variable lifting and lowering speed so it can be adjusted from job to job. It comes with all mounting materials and features easy positioning with parking brakes on the pivot points. The EASY-SHAFT shaft handling machinery can operate up to a maximum radius range of 2800mm and has a device height of 4512mm. By choosing an item from our product range you know that you are purchasing the very best quality available for your business as our unrivalled and sterling reputation proves.


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If you are unsure about whether the shaft handling equipment is right for your company then please do give us a call. We have learnt our business from the ground up and can offer knowledgable and expert advice about the best options for you. We can also discuss specific customisation options if required. We know all businesses aren’t the same and can offer a flexible approach and tailor made solutions that will enable you to design the best shaft handling system possible for your unique environment. More details are available on our website along with our full range of shaft handling equipment.

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