Plates & Panels Handling

  • Plate / panel weight up to 1,000 kg
  • Dimensions up to 4 x 6 meters
  • Simply lift plates and panels with vacuum or using clamps
  • Metal plates, Tear plates, Glass plates
  • Sandwich panels, Solar panels, Wooden panels
  • Tilt 90 degrees or 180 degrees while lifting

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Plates & Panels Lifting Aid

  • A lifting aid on a column and folding arms has a working area up to 12 meters (in a circle)
  • A lifting aid in a rail system can reach a wider range, eg 5 x 9 meters
  • Many integrated safety features make our systems extremely reliable
  • The balancers operate at 6 bar air pressure – no electricity required
  • Stepless lifting and lowering speed
  • No need to set counter ballast weights
  • Our designs need low maintenance
  • All our appliances come with a CE declaration


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Standard and Customer specific Manipulator

We have standard lifting aids for plates and panels that cover common plate/panel handling issues.

Is a standard device not sufficient?
Then our experienced Engineers can translate your wishes into a customer-specific lifting solution.

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