When it comes to glass handling equipment there really isn’t any room for error. The manufacturing industry deals with a multitude of panels, plates and other glass parts every single day and without the correct equipment this would prove virtually impossible to do safely, or efficiently. While correct staff training in these matters is always high up on the list of priorities, there is little to be gained without the correct balance manipulators that have been designed, tested and proven to work in the most rigorous and toughest of conditions.

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At Roosen BPL, we offer the best glass handling machinery available on the market today. We aren’t just here just to make quick sales of cheap unsatisfactory equipment, in fact quite the opposite as we go to enormous lengths to ensure every glass handling system we offer our clients has been made to the highest specifications and will be a huge benefit to your business. Inferior equipment leads to a reduction in productivity, lost time, damaged goods and can also provide serious health and safety risks in the workplace and we are here to make sure you never have to face anything like that.


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The benefits of finding and selecting the correct glass handling option for your business will be immediate and long lasting, allowing you to operate a smooth and productive line of output that reduces the risk of damage or danger in the workplace. We believe that it simply isn’t worth taking the chance of buying inferior products, it wouldn’t be of any use to our clients and it would damage our sterling reputation as a market leader in glass handling equipment, so no one would win. Instead, our clientele know that whatever tailor made glass handling system they purchase from us, it will never let them down.

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